Human Capital Management

HR Compliance

HR compliance includes aspects such as labour legislation, HR policies and processes, statutory reporting, HR strategies and plans, structures and role profiles. It is wise to manage HR compliance well to avoid preventable risks of monetary penalties or claims. The main priorities are, from a people point of view, to ensure that the organisation knows what it’s aiming at, that the organisation architecture supports this aim and that the organisation complies with the applicable labour legislation and statutory requirements. HR Compliance covers the following:

  • HR strategy and plan
  • Labour legislation (compliance with the five labour related Acts)
  • Statutory reporting (EE and WSP)
  • HR and related policies and processes
  • Standard HR templates for:
    • Letters of offer
    • Employment contracts
    • Staff handbook
    • Code of conduct
    • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
    • Miscellaneous company policies and role profiles.

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Human Resources Management and Outsourcing

HR management comprises of HR practices such as recruitment, performance management, reward management, employment relations (inclusive of industrial relations), training and development as well as exit management. The HR life cycle or process includes all these HR practices, which are all part of talent management and often pose major HR management challenges.

Well planned and managed HR practices in other words, active talent management, are where the real business value from an HR function is derived from - it ensures that A-players (high performing and high potential employees) are recruited, developed and retained. HR management covers the following:

  • Recruitment, selection and orientation
  • Probation Management
  • Reward management, including job evaluations
  • Performance management
  • Employment relations, inclusive of organization climate and employee engagement
  • Training and development
  • Workforce & succession planning
  • HR Calendar covering the HR practice cycles
  • Exit Management
  • Compelling and unique employee value proposition (UEVP)


Throughout South Africa our team services a broad spectrum of recruitment needs for clients from all industry sectors in both permanent and temporary placement services. We strive to not only match skills and experience but to also match the industry, career passion, environment and values between clients and candidates to ensure the long-term mutual benefit of both.

We engage with our clients in a manner that is consultative so that we can assure the correct matching of job specifications and qualifications required to fill a vacancy while we still consider and factor the location, environment and culture of the prospective candidate and company. With this in mind our goal is to place candidates with a company that we not only believe in but will be well suited to the individual’s skills, qualifications, experience and long term goals so that it will be possible for him/her to achieve their career objectives.

As a recruitment service provider and a proud member of the Federation of African Staffing Organisations (APSO) and registered with the Department of Labour. We are committed to the values of upliftment and professionalization of the labour recruitment industry and to ensure the application of best practice standards within the industry.

For more information about our Recruitment offering kindly contact Wilma James or Ulrich Kahts.