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Organization architecture: Organization design and implementation which include; systems, policies, processes, standard operating procedures, structures and role profiles – ensuring organization design that is aligned and in support of business strategy.

HR shared services strategy and implementation, ensuring improved HR practices and optimization of resource.

Best fit appropriate People practices.

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Change Management

Change is not a linear event but consists of many interaction of different components and complexities which need to be integrated and lead. In dealing with change within and organization the fundamental question which arises in most if not all people is "how does this impact on me?

This impact should be considered among others, relating to:

  • How will the change affect the way we do things?
  • How will the new governance have an impact on the philosophy of the organization?
  • How will the business processes be affected?
  • Will the standard operating procedures be affected?
  • How ill work now be organized?
  • What impact has this on the roles?

The recommended approach takes into consideration, the end to end enterprise architectural framework of the organisation to ensure all the dominoes are stacked in manner which will eliminate the tumbling effect. As the"architectures" have a "knock-on" effect on each other, the people related components being; leadership, communication, change readiness, dealing with change, training, organizational design and roles, are the glue that ensures a sustainable enterprise post the change implementation.

Training & Education

Line managers, supervisors and HR Practitioners fulfil a very important function in organisations. They are the link between Owner/ Senior management and the employee and as such their function is to see to the implementation and management of the organisation’s strategy, while at the same time ensuring that the workforce is fully engaged and productive. Research has proven that employees who work well with the line manager and feel appreciated, are happier and therefore more productive, while employees who regard themselves as having a poor line manager will not perform optimally and eventually leave their jobs because of his/her line manager.

The importance for the growth and stability of an organisation, is having well-functioning line and HR management. Equipping HR and management with the appropriate skills is essential in ensuring a sustainable business.

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People Practices

Facilitation and implementation of HR strategy that is aligned and in support of business strategy – inclusive of the six core people practices which are based on the required competency model of the organization, namely;

  • Competency and role profile framework,
  • performance management
  • reward management
  • exit management
  • Leadership development, assessment against researched leadership competencies and coaching/mentoring of leaders for improved performance

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