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About Alfa & Omega NBS

Alfa & Omega NBS was established in 2005 emanating from research we did in the Financial Services and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sectors. The research was focused on developing, creating and encouraging new entrepreneurs to enter and develop a sustainable SME sector. The aim of SME business development is to facilitate sustainable small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and subsequently to generate employment opportunities. SME development consists of identification and securing of business ideas and funding opportunities; improving entrepreneurial, organization and market capacity as well as to provide ongoing business support.

We found that the same principals which apply to SME’s are relevant across all organisations, from the smallest to the largest corporations. Our focus in Alfa & Omega NBS moved to the most critical enabling aspect in an organization that being its Human Capital. Hence our slogan “it’s about people”.

We specialize in human resources (HR), medium and small enterprise (SME) support serves and related solutions. Our unique value proposition includes a flexible service model which allows the structuring of business solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and affordability of the client. The client obtains the services of seasoned business and HR professionals who can competently and efficiently contribute to all specialist and related HR and SME fields. Our products and services are backed by a team of appropriately qualified, experienced, professionally registered and dedicated HR and business specialists.

We have a national footprint with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape and Southern Cape as well as a growing international reach through our embracement of technology and personal relationships.

We exist:

  • to provide business fit strategies, solutions, advisory services, education, leadership development and coaching to achieve the people agenda and realize customer goals.

Our behaviour is guided by:

  • A healthy soul, mind and body – “our health is our stakeholder’s profit”
  • Work satisfaction – “our passion is your solution”
  • Integrity – “we are proud to have it published”
  • Regular, but at least monthly leisure activities – “work hard enjoy time off”

Our behaviour reflects:

  • enthusiasm,
  • humour,
  • action and
  • integrity

We are accountable to:

  • God,
  • our families,
  • one another,
  • co-workers and
  • customers.

We are affiliated with the following professional and governance bodies

Unashamedly Ethical, SABPP, Apso, Department of Labour (RSA), George Business Chamber, Mosselbay Business Chamber

Our Team

Dr Dennis Farrell


Murray Burger


Lizanne Farrell


Maria Leen

Office Staff

Wilma Barends

Director / Consultant

Chris Van Der Westhuizen

Director / Consultant

Willem Kuperus

Director / Consultant

Ulrich Kahts

Director / Consultant

Nadine Bouwer

Human Resources Practitioner

Linda Kahts

Office Administrator