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Services in more detail:

Criminal Background Checks

We are a licenced service provider of AFISwitch who was awarded the contract by the South African Police Services (SAPS) for an automated fingerprint verification service. In essence, AFISwitch is an information conduit between SAPS criminal records and the private sector.

The process of criminal background checks requires.

  • Consent by the applicant.
  • Is based on 10 fingerprints, and
  • Results must be made available to the individual in question.

The process involves the electronic capture of each fingerprint using a fingerprint scanner, which is interfaced with AFISwitch software. The fingerprint data is then uploaded by secure Internet connection to the AFISwitch server. From here, the file is transmitted directly to the SAPS AFIS, which contains some six million digital fingerprint records.

The results are available within 24 to 48 hours, as ‘No Illicit Activity Identified’ or a ‘Possible Illicit Activity Identified’. When there is a ‘Possible Illicit Activity Identified’, a request for the detailed report is automatically requested. We keep our clients informed on the progress of all requests.

Expungement of criminal record

The Criminal Procedure Act No 51 of 1977 makes provision for the expungement of a criminal record should certain requirements be met.

In terms of Section 271(1)B, the requirements are as follows:

  • The conviction must be older than 10 years.
  • The conviction must have been for a minor offence.
  • The sentence must have been for a fine less than R20 000.00.

The sentence must have not led to any prison time being served.

Employment Verification

Employment verification entails gathering information needed to ascertain the suitability of a person for the vacant position or any relates requirement by the company. Our team cross references information in the Curriculum Vitae and where required with specific verification services of the candidate to verify accuracy.

Fraud Listings

As a member of (MIE) who is a member of the South African Fraud Prevention Services we provide and assist clients with by undertaking a Fraud Listing check on a potential candidate prior to appointment. This is a register detailing fraudulent behaviour on the part of persons attempting to obtain goods or services or who were involved in fraudulent activity in the workplace by an individual.

Identity Document and Passport Verification

By validating and verifying the ID documents / passport you ensure that your employee provided a valid ID number/ passport but also that the ID/ passport has been verified as belonging to the associated employee and is recorded on the Department of Home Affairs list of official ID and passport numbers.

This eliminates both fake ID /passport numbers as well as not being associated with the given employee.

Drivers licence & professional drivers permit check

By validating and verifying the Driver Licence you ensure that your employee has provided a valid Driver Licence but also that the Driver Licence has been verified as belonging to the associated employee and is recorded on the Department of Transport list of official Driver Licences. This eliminates both fake Driver Licence as well as Driver Licence not associated with the given employee.

By validating and verifying the PDP (Professional Drivers Permit) you ensure that your employee has provided a valid PDP (Professional Drivers Permit) also that the PDP (Professional Drivers Permit) has been verified as belonging to the associated employee and is recorded on the Department of Transport list of official PDP (Professional Drivers Permit). This eliminates both fake PDP (Professional Drivers Permit) as well as PDP (Professional Drivers Permit) not associated with the given employee.

Qualification Verification

The National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act, 12 of 2019 (Qualifications Act) makes it a criminal offence for individuals to misrepresent their qualifications, or for institutions who do not hold requisite accreditations to enrol students into their institutions. The Qualifications Act prescribes that such a misrepresentation is punishable by a fine or a period of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years, or both.

Post 1992 Matric. South African Matric (Grade 12) and Senior Certificate qualifications are verified through Umalusi. We do this through the relationship/ agreement entered into between MIE and Umalusi for verification of endorsed matric Senior Certificates (Grade 12).

Pre 1992 Matric. Matric qualifications achieved before 1992 are verified at the various Provincial Departments of Education. Through extensive relationship building with these departments, we through MIE verify Senior/Secondary certificates as well as archived certificates at agreed turn-around times.

Southern African Tertiary qualifications from 27 universities (certificates, diplomas, degrees, honours, masters, Doctorates) are verified via the National Qualifications Register (NQR®). The NQR® greatly increases the speed and accuracy at which a verification of a qualification can be obtained.

Additionally, we through MIE sources tertiary qualification verifications from universities world-wide. MIE’s expertise has resulted in assisting clients globally in mitigating 50% of risk associated with global qualifications.

Credit Bureau Financial ITC checks

Employers, rental agencies, companies, etc. should use credit reports to judge how responsible people are in honouring credit payments and to determine how financially stable they are. Credit checks are performed in a real-time electronic environment, ensuring fast and accurate service. As an accredited Credit Bureau, we through MIE sources credit information directly from four major bureaus in South Africa.

A typical Consumer Credit check returns the following information:

  • Defaults and judgements if any
  • Notices (e.g., sequestrations), if any
  • Address and job histories
  • Previous enquiry histories
  • And several other items
  • Combined Credit

A combined credit report with details from TransUnion, Experian, XDS and Compuscan.

Bank Account Verification. This check will establish whether the person’s bank account details are correct and valid and verifies the identity of an account holder against the account number supplied.

Bank Code. Company bank information is investigated by the credit bureau on either a company or an individual. A bank code is given for the amount specified.

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