SME Questionnaire

In George the entrepreneurial, small to medium enterprise landscape is as diverse, challenging and important as never before.

George Municipality Economic Development department in conjunction with Alfa & Omega NBS ( is, through this short survey, aiming to contextualise the opportunities, capabilities and support of small and medium-sized (SME's) in the George economy.

If you have approximately 20 minutes to spare we would appreciate your participation. The survey is a combination multiple choice and short text answer options. Note that there are no right or wrong answers and we are only interested in your experience, perceptions, thoughts and feelings and facts about the issues we are referring to.

Your answers will be deemed highly confidential. The information will be summarised in statistical form so that no individuals can be identified and it is not necessary to provide your name.

Thank you for your participation and time. If you have any concerns or queries with regards to the survey, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Alfa & Omega NBS on 044 - 874 4256

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