Background Verification Services

Background verification (check, screening, or investigation) is the process of reviewing an individual or organization to identify any potential threats or risks that may not be visible without further exploration. The background verification process compiles criminal, financial and commercial, qualification, social media, and other records to give you a better understanding of the person or organization you are dealing with to assess and make a well-informed decision based on factual and unbiased results.

Furthermore, the purpose of a background verification check is to verify information/credentials given by the one party so that a conclusion whether an individual or organization is honest, is established. Common in today’s marketplace, background verification checks deliver a number of benefits to organisations beyond reducing theft, revealing CV fraud, and reducing employee turnover. Garden Route Verification Service (GRVS) a business unit of AONBS will ensure that your employees comply to your business’ risk profile.

We ensure that your employees comply to your business’ risk profile by offering the following risk assessment services:

The importance and value of background verification checks are to provide clarity by confirming and verifying individual and organisational records, documents, profiles, and employment history.

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