Services & Solutions

Alfa & Omega NBS ensures that organisations, from a people management point of view, are fit for business. We address the people themes of a fully-fledged people (HR) function e.g. people compliance, people management and e-people transition.

We provide these services via a once-off intervention or on a retainer basis. With our flexible people management service model, we can structure business solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and affordability of the client.

The client obtains the services of business and people professionals who efficiently address the people themes below:


  • Strategy Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Organization Architecture
  • People Advisory & Outsourcing
  • Shared Services
  • Recruitment
  • Leadership & People Management Training

People Services

  • People Compliance
  • People Management
  • E-People Management

Remote People Advisory & Support Centre

Through our Support Centre we are able to offer you the following services:

Strategy Facilitation

Facilitation and implementation of organisation strategy as well as HR strategy aligned with business strategy

Change Managemant

Conducting change impact and stakeholder analysis, developing change plans inclusive of communication and training. Training of change leaders and agents to successfully manage organisation change.

Organisation Architecture

Organisation architecture and implementation, which include; systems, policies, processes, standard operating procedures, role profiles and structures, ensures organisation design, aligned to and in full support of business strategy.

People Advisory and Outsourcing

By introducing people advisory and outsourcing, we, on behalf of our customer, take on the role of the people (HR)  function. We cover people compliance, talent sourcing and selection (recruitment), reward (remuneration) management, performance management, training, employment relations (inclusive of climate measurement, employee engagement and IR) and exit management.


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Shared Services

Shared services include; e-people management systems (EPMS); contact centre strategies and operational implementation. Our advisory service is aimed at optimising functionality, end user satisfaction, as well as investment and resource optimisation.


Through a consultative process we match the skills, experience, career passion, and values of candidates with what is important for the customer. With this approach we help to ensure a long and mutually beneficial customer-candidate relationship.

Leadership and People Management Training

Via training and coaching, we help leaders, (managers / supervisors) and people / HR practitioners to maximize the customers’ people investment and to realise the organisation’s strategy.

People Compliance

People compliance includes aspects such as labour legislation, people policies and processes, statutory reporting, people strategies / plans, structures and role profiles. By managing people compliance well, the company avoids preventable risks of monetary penalties or claims. The main priority is to ensure that your organisation knows what it’s aiming at, that the Business architecture supports this aim and that you comply with the applicable labour legislation and statutory requirements.

People Management

People management comprises of people practices such as people sourcing and selection, performance management, reward management, employment relations (inclusive of industrial relations), people development and exit management. The “People Management Model” or “Employee Life Cycle” includes all these people practices, which are all part of talent management and often poses major management challenges. Well planned and managed people practices in other words, active talent management, are where your real business value from a people function is derived from – it ensures that your high performing and high potential employees are recruited, developed and retained.

E-People Management

Often people management specialists and senior management, instead of focusing on realising the organisation’s strategy spends valuable time on mundane administrative work. An e-people management solution (EPMS) integrated with the payroll and financial system, enhanced by employee self-service (ESS) and management self-service (MSS), effectively and efficiently takes care of this.

Background Verification Services

We ensure that your employees comply to your business’ risk profile by offering the following risk assessment services:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Expungement of criminal record
  • Employment Verification
  • Fraud Listings
  • Identity Document and Passport Verification
  • Drivers licence & professional drivers permit check
  • Qualification Verification
  • Credit Bureau Financial ITC checks

Domestic Staff Service

A domestic worker can fulfil many roles, such as: a gardener; driver; or a person who looks after children, the aged, sick, frail or disabled in a private household. There are however a number of formal obligations that the employer has towards their domestic employees for example: an employee contract,  unemployment insurance fund (UIF), payroll and optional other benefits such as training  medical aid  & retirement provision.