Business and People Advisory

We strive for our clients to be fit for business by addressing the people themes inclusive of background verification, business advisory, people management advisory and administrative support (outsourcing), recruitment and selection and people management (HR) automation.

Background Verification

Background verification (check, screening, or investigation) is the process of reviewing an individual or organization to identify any potential threats or risks that may not be visible without further exploration.

Yimi Lo

Yimi Lo is suited for individuals for sharing their information with potential employers, businesses requiring identification of their employees for example on construction sites, access to estates or buildings, sales staff, municipal workers, ERWP workers, migrant workers, farm workers, and in effective everyone who wishes to have access to a “virtual resume”.

People Advisory

Advising and implementation in people (HR) function in respect of people compliance, recruitment (talent sourcing) and selection reward (remuneration) management, performance management, training, employment relations (inclusive of climate measurement, employee engagement and IR) and exit management.

Business Advisory

Advising and implementation in the activities such as business process design, change enablement (management), coaching and mentoring, e-people management, organisational design, shared services facilitation, strategy facilitation.

Recruitment & Selection

Through a consultative process we match the skills, experience, career passion, and values of candidates with what is important for the client. With this approach we strive to ensure a long and mutually beneficial client-candidate relationship.

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Wilma – 067 711 9805 (Domestic Workers  and Recruitment, – / )

Lizanne – 083 463 4010 (Background Verifications – /

Dennis – 082 453 5840 (Business Advisory and Yimi Lo – / )

Murray – 082 453 5350 (People Advisory – )

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