People Management Advisory

We, on behalf of our clients, take on the role of the people (HR) function and address people compliance, recruitment (talent sourcing) and selection reward (remuneration) management, performance management, training, employment relations (inclusive of climate measurement, employee engagement and IR) and exit management.

  • People compliance includes aspects such as labour legislation, people policies and processes, statutory reporting, people strategies / plans, structures, and role profiles. By managing people compliance well, the company avoids preventable risks of monetary penalties or claims. The main priority is to ensure that your organisation knows what it is aiming at, that the Business architecture supports this aim and that you comply with the applicable labour legislation and statutory requirements.
  • People management (talent management) addresses people practices such as recruitment and selection, performance management, reward management, employment relations (inclusive of industrial relations), people development and exit management. The “People Management Model” or “Employee Life Cycle” includes all these people practices, which are all part of talent management and often poses major management challenges. Well planned and managed people practice in other words, active talent management, are where your real business value from a people function is derived from – it ensures that your high performing and high potential employees are recruited, developed, and retained.
  • Leadership and People Management Training During the bespoke development engagement initiatives we guide leaders, (managers / supervisors) and people / HR practitioners to maximize the investment in people to achieve the organisation’s strategy.

People Management Model

People Management Model:

Reward Management

People Management Model:

Performance Management

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