We, at Alfa & Omega NBS, pride ourselves in being a Professional Recruitment company that has had the privilege of successfully appeasing over more than 600 clients by placing the best available permanent or temporary candidates (That’s You!) in diverse vacancies within various organisations that meets both the needs of the employer and employee.

Throughout South Africa our team services a broad spectrum of recruitment needs for clients from all industry sectors in both permanent and temporary placement services. We strive to not only match skills and experience but to also match the industry, career passion, environment and values between clients and candidates to ensure the long-term mutual benefit of both.

We engage with our clients in a manner that is consultative so that we can assure the correct matching of job specifications and qualifications required to fill a vacancy while we still consider and factor the location, environment and culture of the prospective candidate and company. With this in mind our goal is to place candidates with a company that we not only believe in but will be well suited to the individual’s skills, qualifications, experience and long term goals so that it will be possible for him/her to achieve their career objectives.

As a recruitment service provider and a proud member of the Federation of African Staffing Organisations (APSO) and registered with the Department of Labour. We are committed to the values of upliftment and professionalisation of the labour recruitment industry and to ensure the application of best practice standards within the industry.

The Recruitment Process?

  • Find a vacancy
  • Click to apply
  • Complete the form
  • Fill out your CV
  • Relax!